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DAVID HORVITZ 9 May - 30 June 2018

In October and November 2017 I was in residency on the small island of Favignana in the Egadi Island group off the northwest coast of mainland Sicily. I made rubber stamps for each of the aforementioned Italian words, each being a noun defining a specific form of water. A cloud. An ocean. The sea. A riv- er. Mist. Fog. Fog. Fog. Fog. Fog. And you, because you are also a formation of water. I imagine water moving fluidly through us. We become rivers. Or clouds become us. With the stamps I composed spon- taneous three line poems. Each poem was mailed as a postcard to the residents of Favignana whose names and addresses were listed in the 2016 phone book. They were all sent anonymously. Though the residents will probably figure out who sent it because there are never any secrets on islands. I imagined a small rumor spreading across the island like the wind. And what travels faster, the postcards through the mail or a rumor? Instead of mailing them from the island, they were all sent from Trapani, the clos- est town on mainland Sicily. I wanted them to arrive on the island by boat. Before mailing them, each postcard was photocopied. For this exhibition I conceived a series of works inspired by this experience. David Horvitz
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